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What we need from you

There are 3 sections we request from prospects –

  1. Get the Planning RightSpecification. What is the item, what are its defining points, and a drawing if possible, or drawing if available. What is it made of, are there any grades relevant, does something else come with it, and is there something it is not. Because it is standard to you, does not mean we will be as familiar with it. Remember we do not go to China because we want to buy from there, we go there because of value. If they can provide an item of quality suitable to the African market and we do not detail well enough, then we can find the item exactly what was asked for, but not what was meant. Specification is key.
  2. Volumes. How many will you buy? I know it is easy to say “it depends upon the price” but actually it doesn’t. Clients know how many they want or can afford, the better price will just gives you a better chance of ordering or bring forward the repeat order time, and a larger second order. So how many are you thinking of, and what reorder frequency is probable
  3. What is the target price and what are you buying at now? If you are not making a reasonable saving, then it doesn’t make sense to go ahead, however the idea of getting a price at 10% is probably unrealistic too. We ask to see if there is a sense of realism over expectations and it enables us to know if we are finding the right suppliers, and also refine prices without coming back with unsuitable information.
    As you can see we are keen to know as much information as we can to do our job well, and to come across as a professional supplier as we can. As we are doing all of this work without cost, then we are as interested to ensure we do the best job as you are, testing the supplier to ensure we are getting the right offer. Perhaps not surprisingly, if someone asks us to spend a lot of time looking into a project where they have no real details, no idea over pricing, but we know what they mean, then it will not be at the top of our list to look at.


Professional details will get us both a professional result.



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